Speaker development history and application analysis


The speaker is also called "horn". It is a very common electro-acoustic transducing device, which can be seen in audible electrical and electronic equipment. The speaker is one of the weakest devices in audio equipment, and it is the most important component for sound effects. Despite being such a simple device, its development is not a one-off process, but after a long period of research and the efforts of countless people, it gradually matures and progresses. The speaker was invented to make the original sound reappear, but despite the efforts of countless scientists, this goal has not yet been fully achieved. Instead, different sounding methods, different manufacturing methods and materials use make the speaker bloom and become a sound. The most splendid piece of the world. The speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers. The external speaker is the speaker that is generally referred to. The built-in speaker means that the MP4 player has a built-in speaker. There are many types of speakers, which can be divided into electric type (ie moving coil type), electrostatic type (ie capacitive type), electromagnetic type (ie reed type), piezoelectric type (ie crystal type), etc. according to their transducing principles. .

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