What is the best subwoofer


Nowadays, many brand audio manufacturers have begun to increase the research and development of core technologies, and lead the development of the audio industry with innovative technologies, thus occupying a favorable position in the increasingly fierce market competition. Here are some of the best subwoofers and how to choose the best subwoofer.
What is the best subwoofer?
1, Huiwei M50W2.1 multimedia speaker
The appearance of the Swans M50W2.1 is full of high-end style, the sound of the speakers is bright and neutral, and the high-quality subwoofer, the sound quality is very good. Swans M50W is currently priced at only 1280 yuan in the market, like a friend to take the opportunity to start!
2, Sannuo H-111 enhanced version 2.1 speaker
Three Connaught H-111 enhanced version 2.1 speakers, configuration H-111 Xeon version with a rare 5.25-inch woofer at this price point, plus the design of the front reversing hole, fully enhance the low-frequency performance of the product, The sense of hearing does not lose to the 200 yuan level of similar products on the market, it can be said that it is the most cost-effective entry-loading weapon.
3, ear new product ER2539 multimedia speaker
The new ER2539 multimedia speaker is very stylish and features an all-wooden cabinet design. This all-wood speaker cabinet, the main and auxiliary machines are designed with roast matte iron mesh. The overall effect of the ear ER2539 is very textured. The sub-chassis is obviously larger than the other sub-machines of 2.1 multimedia speakers. To a certain extent, it appears Domineering.
How to choose the best subwoofer
1. Closed
Closed subwoofers are relatively rare, and even if they are used mainly in large open-size full-range boxes, they are very popular in home theater and car audio. The low frequency attenuation of the closed speaker is quite flat, about 12dB/oct, while the open speaker attenuation slope is 24dB/oct. In a closed enclosure, the displacement of the cone is greater when the frequency is lower. Compared to open-ended speakers, the closed speaker's internal volume can be smaller, but less efficient, when the same f3 is reached.
2, open speaker
Open-ended speakers are widely used, and well-designed open-ended speakers can withstand higher power in the low frequency range, because the inverted holes can generate more low frequencies and greatly reduce the movement of the paper cone. However, if the open-ended speaker goes below 40 Hz, the size of the cabinet will increase rapidly.
3, horn-loaded subwoofer
The horn-loaded subwoofer maximizes low-frequency output. In the professional audio field, the horn-loaded subwoofer is one of the few speaker designs that can match the current high-efficiency line array system. But because the professional audio industry urgently needs to reinvent the past, we encourage consideration of this unparalleled cabinet design.

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