the development of Invisible sound


Invisible sound development
The most flammable black technology nowadays - the invisible speaker, originated from a failed experiment by the British DERA (Defense Assessment and Research Agency) in the 1890s. Scientists are studying to reduce the internal noise of military aircraft, and unexpectedly discovered a new sounding principle that suppresses vibration and produces realistic sound effects.
In 2001, with the British Invisible Sound (America) developed the world's first coated mud gray invisible speaker, and completed the first installation at the German Investment Bank, opened a new chapter of the invisible speaker. The invisible speakers that subvert the traditional speaker concept have been favored by the majority of users.

Invisible audio invisible sound is a new generation of high-tech speakers born for “hidden”. Due to the unique invisible speaker technology, the invisible sound has made a big breakthrough in both design and vocal performance, while ensuring sound quality, The slim body and easy to hide, unlike the traditional speaker cone-piston vibration sound technology, it uses a new sound technology to drive the entire aluminum-magnesium alloy honeycomb panel sound.
The sound source mode of this surface sound source can spread the sound evenly in the entire space of the room at 180 degrees, highly restore the sound quality, and realize 360-degree listening of the room without dead angle. No matter which corner of the room, you can enjoy it. A pleasant voice. Thanks to its superior sound source, the ideal surround sound system makes the sound you hear in every position consistent.
The traditional speaker dynamic speaker emits sound through the horn, and the sound increases with the frequency, and the directivity is stronger. The traditional speaker features a piston and requires a box. Point sound source, the sound intensity follows the inverse square law. The strong directivity makes the speaker installation position critical to have a piston, so a box is required to emit the bass, and the continuous wave is affected by the boundary.
Invisible sound Dispersed technology, compared to the vibration of the piston in the cone of the box, the working principle of the diffused speaker is more like the vibration of the instrument. The sound distribution characteristics are improved, the sound distribution in the room is more uniform, and the sound stability in the frequency range is better. No need for a cabinet, non-continuous waveforms enhance the interaction of the interior interface, and the diffused speakers output discontinuous waves. This means that problems caused by reflections are reduced in harsh sound environments.
When it outputs continuous waves, it interacts, in its phase relationship, either enhanced, or weakened. When the sound is transmitted 2 times away from the sound source, the sound distribution area is 4 times that of the sound source area, and the sound intensity is also reduced to 1/4 of the sound source. Under the condition of no reflection, the sound intensity follows the inverse square law according to the distance from the sound source. The diffuse reflection of the diffused speakers allows the spatial interfaces to interact better, creating a smooth sound pressure gradient.
At present, in the domestic market, the invisible speakers are popular, and are widely used in panoramic sound private home theaters, background music, professional conferences and other places. Invisible sound not only attracts users, but also has many subversive advantages. At the same time, it is the inventor of the world's invisible sound, representing the world's invisible audio core technology. The perfect combination of music and architecture, the “plane wave” sound technology allows for the ultimate sound without the complex architectural acoustics.
Invisible sound is also ideal for modern minimalist architecture and historic buildings: commercial markets, high-end apartments and buildings, five- and seven-star hotel fine restaurants, brand stores, boardrooms, apartments, open-air golf courses, high-end new buildings, history Or cultural relics, media walls, bathrooms, and other wet places, swimming pools

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