Audio debugging


Audio debugging
In the time when we usually meet for a meeting, we must debug all the soundproofing equipment in the conference room once, then you know what key points should you pay attention to when we debug the sound of the conference room?
Key points for meeting room audio debugging need to pay attention_Shanxi Zhicheng Kaida Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
1. The multi-purpose hall is generally a meeting of the podium, and the non-round table is the same as the lecture hall;
2. The clarity of the audience and the gain of the voice are two important indicators. If the sound gain is high, the available gain of the system will be high, otherwise the clarity will not be discussed.
3. Objectively explain the howling problem with Party A or the user;
4, the role of auxiliary speakers is indispensable;
5. The main sound reinforcement and auxiliary speakers must be separately debugged;
6. The main expansion sound box must be in front of the podium, and the main speaker should stop radiating to the podium area;
7. Control the number of microphones at the same time as possible to have a resolution effect on suppressing howling;

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