Main Technical Indicators of Audio Loudspeakers


The power of loudspeaker includes rated power and minimum recommended power. Among them, rated power refers to the power required for continuous operation of loudspeakers within the allowable distortion range. The minimum recommended power refers to the minimum undistorted power given by the loudspeaker when the sound is replayed within the allowable distortion range. Peak power is the maximum undamaged power that a loudspeaker endures.
The frequency response of a loudspeaker is defined as the sound subunits of each given frequency are often expressed in the form of "80-1600HZ, about 3dB" under the effect of the same effective frequency and power, and are also expressed in the form of frequency response curves.
The sensitivity of loudspeaker is defined as the sound pressure level given at 1m away from the axis of the loudspeaker, expressed in dB, when 1W electric signal power is input on the loudspeaker. High-sensitivity speakers are easy to drive, but the dynamic range will decrease; conversely, low-sensitivity speakers are not easy to be driven, resulting in waste of power.
The impedance of loudspeaker refers to the value matched with the impedance of power amplifier. Approximate impedance can be measured at both ends of loudspeaker by multimeter. The impedance of the loudspeaker is 4 amperes, 6 amperes, 8 AMPERES and 16 amperes.
The loudspeaker has the same directivity as the microphone. It indicates the distribution of sound around the loudspeaker when it works. The loudness of the sound heard from different angles away from the central axis of the loudspeaker is unequal. The higher the frequency of the sound, the stronger the directivity and the weaker the response on both sides.
The distortion of loudspeaker refers to the difference between playback and original sound. This difference shows distortion. The distortion of loudspeaker mainly refers to linear distortion. The distortion of general loudspeaker should be less than 5%. This will have a certain impact on the quality of loudspeaker.

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