Hidden Speakers


Product introduction:
Hidden speakers are designed to meet the needs of customers who want to hide and enjoy high-quality sound. Can create a shocking, realistic sound effect. The hidden sound of the hidden speakers can be clearly heard in any corner of the room. Installation is also very simple. Install the required parts, all attached to the product. After the wall is excavated, it takes only two minutes to complete the installation with a single screwdriver. The requirements for ceiling thickness are also low and can be applied to more places.
Ceiling excavation size when installing hidden speakers:
791: the diameter of the hole is 219mm, and the outer diameter of the product is 214mm;
591: the diameter of the hole is 170mm, and the outer diameter of the product is 166mm;
891: The size of the hole is 295x201mm, and the product size is 332x237mm;
691: Digging hole size is 224x150mm, product size is 260x186mm.
Product characteristics:
1) 7mm pin fixing steel design for safe installation and operation.
2) Box bolt fixing design structure.
3) Professional grade gold plate push terminal.
4) Speaker back box.
5) vesa200 wall mount M6 screw hole.
6) Surface treatment of lightweight soft touch coating.
Product advantage: 
1. High fidelity: The sound quality is more delicate and natural than traditional speakers. Because of the different sounding principles, its sound quality has the natural advantage that traditional speakers can't match.
2. High efficiency: The same sound pressure level consumes only one-third of the power of ordinary speakers.
3. More stable: The sound body is more durable and the service life is twice that of ordinary speakers.
4. Diffuse: It can meet the needs of different installation positions, the sound field coverage is more uniform, effectively prevent sound focusing, and greatly reduce the chance of howling.
5. More fashionable: Tibetan wall, ceiling, and various installation methods of the picture frame ensure the perfect integration of the speaker and the decoration environment, and can adapt to the demanding requirements of different environments.
6. Multi-purpose: Widely used in public broadcasting, voice enhancement, video conferencing and music appreciation. The highly practical Leo products are suitable for almost all types of occasions, such as conference rooms, retail malls, leisure clinics, museums, conventions, stadiums, transport halls, courts and homes.

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