Built-In Bathroom Speaker


How about the built-in bathroom speaker?
I believe that there are experiences of playing songs outside the bathroom. Listening to the songs and enjoying the feeling of bathing, it is not so lonely when bathing in the bathroom. After a day of exhaustion, you can enjoy the feeling of music in the bathroom, this is a thing that makes you relax.
However, if you use ordinary mobile phones to put music, we know that the waterproofness of the mobile phone may not be so good. If you use your mobile phone to play it, you may have to be very careful about the water in your phone. Because the mobile phone enters the water, it has an impact on the use of the mobile phone.
Recently, a bathroom speaker has solved the trouble of being afraid of the influence of the water in the phone. The bathroom speaker is designed to play audio in the bathroom. It has good waterproof and high temperature resistance, and supports audio, radio and other audio in the bathroom, so that you can feel different when bathing and washing. Bathroom speakers can connect to music via Bluetooth for a wide range of coverage. Lightweight and easy to install.

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