Invisible Speaker


Invisible speakers are generally not prone to problems, but generally there is a problem that affects the experience. Therefore, the best way is to pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance, find problems, and deal with them early. Here are some tips for the maintenance of invisible speakers:
Invisible speaker maintenance method
1. Pay attention to dust. During long-term use, the dust falling into the horn will have a great impact on the sound quality. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the speakers regularly, at least once every 7 days. Of course, when placing the speakers, it is best to place the speakers in a place with little dust.
2. Pay attention to moisture. Humidity is also an important factor affecting the speaker. The humidity of the speaker will accelerate the aging of the horn diaphragm, resulting in a drop in sound quality. In addition, the humidity can rust the metal inside the speaker, causing playback failure. The best way to do this is to place the speakers in a dry environment or protect them with a protective cover.
3. The placement of the speakers should be reasonable. Try to avoid placing it in a place where the temperature is too high or too low, which may cause aging of components. It should not be placed where the magnetic field infection is too strong.
4. The wire ends of the speakers should be cleaned regularly. After the invisible speaker has been used for a long time, the thread will be oxidized, which requires cleaning the contact point to maintain the sound quality.
5. Check the line connection. Before using the speakers, it is best to check that the speaker wiring is properly connected. Pay more attention to the maintenance of the invisible speaker, which will extend the life of the speaker.


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