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Maintenance details of home speakers
Home speakers are the most common for people who use computers frequently. As a durable item, the speaker is indeed a device that is not prone to failure, but sometimes it is a problem, and it always brings a lot of people to the user. The earth is not convenient. Therefore, if the daily maintenance is done during the use, the frequency of the speaker failure can be reduced. In fact, as long as the maintenance is usually taken care of, there will be no small problems in the follow-up. Sometimes it is very simple to maintain the speaker, here are some small details to pay attention to the maintenance of the home speaker.
1. Dust prevention is the key. Because dust has always been a natural enemy of computers, many household speakers often ignore the lethality caused by dust during long-term use. If the speaker enters a lot of dust, the connection between the speaker cable and the speaker will not be smooth, which directly affects The sound quality is played, so in daily life, you should clean the speaker at least once a week. In addition, try to place the speaker in a place with less dust to extend the life of the speaker.
2. The tide should be done well. Humidity is also the enemy of home speakers, and also a natural enemy of all electrical products. If the speaker is wet, it will accelerate the aging phenomenon of the horn diaphragm and even directly lead to the degradation of sound quality. In addition, the humidity will cause some metal parts inside the speaker to rust and rust, causing the speaker to malfunction. Therefore, when using the speaker, the speaker should be placed in a relatively dry environment or be protected from moisture.

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