EOGO Chengdu Fusen Experience Hall is opening……


Through months of preparations, EOGO Stereo’s Chengdu Fusen Second-generation Experience Hall has already been completed, which is situated in the Acoustics Street of Building A in Fusen-Noble House, Chuan-Shan Flyover in North Third Ring Road of Chengdu. As the Experience Hall is planning to open, EOGO Stereo not just prepares glorious future audio-video experience but more opening surprises for our high-end clients, so stay tuned!

Chengdu Fusen Second-generation Experience Hall is designed and built jointly by EOGO Stereo and Nothing Studio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., covering an area of near hundred square kilometers. The whole Experience Hall adopts whole-house control system, and is divided into three parts that respectively are the reception area, open-style visual and performing hall and specialized visual-performing hall. On design style, it underwent an upgrade based on EOGO Stereo’s Shanghai Second-generation Experience Hall, natural but without losing dignity, veiled with a noble atmosphere of humanism that fully combines British ever-lasting art history into audio-video experience. Right here, users will not only be impressed by the professional and top-level sound quality that presented by EOGO audio-video designers, but the comfort and happiness from EOGO Stereo’s future audio-video house.

Known as the “Land of Abundance”, Chengdu, with its blessed geography and advanced city planning, is attracting various kinds of major brands to gather. Chengdu Fusen Second-generation Experience Hall is EOGO Stereo’s first second-generation experience hall in Chengdu, and either in design style or site selection, it is underwent a very rigorous process of selection, so as to provide out clients with the best experience and services. Chengdu Fusen-Noble House’s headquarter, Building Materials Mall, with its popularity, reputation and brand influence, are all ranking highest in the field. As a whole-course service provider for future intelligent audio-video system, EOGO Stereo, with its advanced flat technology and artistic expression on future audio-video living mode, once again joins hands with Fusen-Noble House, and marches to their win-win future.
EOGO Stereo’s Chengdu Fusen Second-generation Experience Hall is a start of the continuous deep cooperation between EOGO and Fusen-Noble House, and EOGO will be with Fusen-Noble House’s expansion to open up the market. Of course, it also indicates that EOGO Stereo’s role as a whole-course service provider for future intelligent audio-video system, is going deeper and deeper into people’s lives. What EOGO flat acoustics opened is not just superior audio-video enjoyment, but the symbol for first-class life style. Furthermore, EOGO will advance with the times, and tireless efforts and constant innovation to bring the most advanced and highest quality audio-video service and experience for people. We firmly believe that, in the near future, more and more EOGO experience stores are going to appear among cities across China, to provide greater people with future audio-video experience brought from EOGO Stereo, and joys for more families! EOGO Stereo’s future is worth the wait!

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