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EOGO Invisible Speaker   VS   Conventional Speaker


- EOGO Invisible Speaker can be completely concealed into the wall, it takes no space in the room, you cannot see any loudspeakers box around, we call it “Zero Aesthetic Pollution’’.

- High adaptability you needn’t to make sound field reconstruction Environmental friendly, no need to make acoustic field reconstruction.

How to ensure the sound effect?

Exclusive Patented Polymer Acoustic Transmission Fiber Powder

In order to hear the speakers installed in the wall better, EOGO invented the magical Patented Polymer Acoustic Transmission Fiber Powder, which not only solve the problem of the wastage of sound quality caused by the traditional putty powder, but make the sound more real and vivid. EOGO continue to innovate as a leading brand of invisible audio speaker, EOGO has received over 50 patents so far.

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